6 Healthy Banana Smoothie Recipes

Are you a smoothie lover? Looking for some new smoothie recipes that use bananas? If so, I would like to share 6 of my favorite banana flavored smoothie recipes with you.

Why are banana smoothies good for you? Bananas are high in potassium and low in sodium making them the ideal healthy fruit. Bananas are great for reducing depression, achieving bone and intestinal health, and for regulating high blood pressure.

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All of these smoothie recipes use bananas, along with some additional ingredients. If you are looking to cut calories, you can substitute the milk with skim milk, or the ice cream with low-fat yogurt.

6 Healthy Banana Smoothie Recipes

If you like your smoothies really sweet, try adding 1-2 tablespoons of honey to your recipe. I always serve my smoothies in a chilled glass but you can serve them any way that you like. You can drink them straight from the glass, use a straw or eat them with a spoon. It is best to always serve your smoothies immediately.

Banana Mango

1 c. cubed peeled ripe mango
3/4 c. sliced ripe banana
2/3 c. milk
1 tsp. honey
1/4 tsp. vanilla extract

Combine all of the above ingredients in a blender and process until smooth.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana

1 medium banana
1 1/4 c. milk
1 c. chocolate ice cream
1/4 c. creamy peanut butter

Cut the banana into 1" pieces. Wrap pieces in foil and freeze. Unwrap the banana pieces. In blender container combine banana, milk, chocolate ice cream and peanut butter. Cover and blend until smooth.

Blueberry Nana

5 oz. Frozen blueberries
2 bananas
2 c. ice
1 c. water

Put all ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth.

Kiwi Banana

1 c. milk
2 scoops vanilla ice-cream
1 ripe banana, sliced
2 Kiwi fruit, peeled and finely diced

Blend the milk, ice-cream, and banana together in a blender till smooth. Add the Kiwi fruit, blend briefly, then pour into glasses.

Banana Cantaloupe

1/2 sliced cantaloupe melon
1 peeled banana
1 c. vanilla ice cream
1 tbsp. honey

Mix all of the above ingredients in your blender and blend until smooth.

Boysenberry and Banana

3/4 c. boysenberries
1/2 c. low-fat boysenberry yogurt or vanilla yogurt
1/2 banana, sliced
1/2 c. grape juice

Add all ingredients to a blender and puree until well blended (about 1 minute).

6 Healthy Banana Smoothie Recipes

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Traditional Sukkot Foods

Finding sukkot foods can present something for a challenge for the Jewish cook. Passover is characterized by its food restrictions and places serious culinary demands on a cook; Shavuot is a celebration of milk and dairy food, Rosh Hashanah recipes are sweet, full of honey, apples, dates and carrots, and Hannukah recipes are traditionally fried. Sukkot follows closely behind Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, but does not have the same clear dietary traditions that mark the other festival.

Sukkot (Succot) is the Jewish harvest festival and therefore Sukkot recipes include many fruits and vegetables. In keeping with the idea of abundance, foods are often stuffed. The best known traditional sukkot food is "holishkes" an Eastern European dish composed of cabbage leaves stuffed with a meat and rice filling. "Dolmas" or stuffed vine leaves are the Middle-Eastern alternative. More recently, sukkot has become associated with fall (autumn) produce including pumpkins and squash, apples, pears and plums.

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Sukkot lasts for 7 days, and during this time food is eaten in a sukkah. For some people the sukkah is conveniently located on their porch or in the garden. For others, the sukka may be up or down stairs, or they may share a communal sukkah. In such a case, it is helpful to plan menus which include foods that can easily be transported - don't try to carry individually plated antipasti stacks up 2 flights of stairs!

Traditional Sukkot Foods

Sukkot is a time to enjoy the best of the seasonal produce and make the most of the fresh fruits and vegetables that are available. Don't limit yourself to stuffing cabbage or vine leaves - sukkot is a time to take advantage of the colorful fruit and vegetables available at this time of year. Try meat stuffed tomatoes, pesto stuffed mushrooms, cheesy stuffed zucchini (the round ones are wonderful for stuffing), and baked stuffed nectarines for desserts. Meat and chicken can also be stuffed and rolled - instead of meatloaf, try meatloaf roulade stuffed a mashed sweet potato filling; delicious and different. Or try stuffing chicken breasts, this works well with pesto, dried fruits or mushroom sauce. Strudels are another variation on the stuffed theme - you can take this is many different directions - stuff with meat, sautéed eggplant and mushrooms, tuna, or fruit.

One thing is guaranteed - after eating all the food at the end of sukkot you're sure to feel stuffed! To find more sukkot recipes visit http://www.jewishholidayrecipe.com/sukkotrecipes.html

Chag sukkot sameach - have a happy holiday!!

Traditional Sukkot Foods


To find more Jewish holiday recipes, and tips for holiday menu planning visit [http://www.jewishholidayrecipe.com]

Easy Recipes - Three Easy Avocado Recipes

Do you like to eat avocados? Are you looking for new and easy recipes for them? Read this article for very easy, and very tasty recipes!

Easy Recipe 1: Guacamole

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Everyone loves guacamole, the very tasty avocado dip. The good news is that it is very easy to make. All you need is a few avocados, garlic, salt, pepper and lime juice.

Easy Recipes - Three Easy Avocado Recipes

Just peel and mash avocado, put the garlic the garlic through the garlic press, add garlic, lime juice, salt and pepper to the avocado and mix. How simple is that?

Once you perfect the simple guacamole, you can make many different types of guacamole by adding other ingredients to it. You can add chopped onions, chopped scallions, chopped tomatoes or chopped cilantro to it.

Another way to make guacamole is to add lemon juice to avocados instead of lime juice.

Serve your guacamole with corn chips and enjoy.

Easy Recipe 2: Avocado Salads With Citrus

Looking for more avocado recipes? Avocados pair very well with citrus juice, such as lime juice or lemon juice. And they pair really well with citrus slices, such as orange slices in a salad.

Make a salad with a spring mix, avocado, slices of orange and red onion. You can dress it very simply, with a bit of lemon juice, salt and pepper. The color combination is very vibrant and this avocado salad tastes great as well.

Easy Recipe 3: Avocado Salads With Tomato

One more of our great avocado recipes! Avocados also pair well great with tomatoes and onions. Another easy avocado salad recipe is as follows.

Peel and chop avocado. Chop onions, tomatoes, and cilantro. Mix all of them together, dress very simply with lime juice, salt, and pepper and serve.

Easy Recipes - Three Easy Avocado Recipes

Here is a detailed avocado salad recipe. And here are salad bowls for mixing the salad.

Old-Fashion Doughnut Recipes From Grandma's Old Metal Recipe Box

Here are a couple of recipes for homemade doughnuts. Remember the mouthwatering activity of making doughnuts with grandma or mom on long winter evenings? Now you can do the same with your family! Gather the kids in the kitchen and let them see that all doughnuts do not come from a doughtnut shop or the grocery store deli. Making donuts is a perfect way to involve the whole family and make some special family memories.


\"smoothie Recipes\"

1 cup milk
1 pkg dry yeast
1/2 cup lukewarm water
1 tsp sugar
1/4 cup shortening
1/4 cup sugar
1 egg, well beaten
1 tsp salt
3 1/2 cups flour

Old-Fashion Doughnut Recipes From Grandma's Old Metal Recipe Box

Scald one cup milk and cool to lukewarm. Dissolve yeast in bowl in lukewarm water and 1 tsp sugar. When foamy, add to cooled milk. Stir in shortening, 1/4 cup sugar, egg, and salt. Beat in flour. On floured board, knead until smooth. Place in a greased bowl, let rise to doubled. Punch down and let rise until doubled again. Roll dough 1/2" thick and cut with a doughnut cutter. Cover and let rise until light and fluffy. Fry in deep hot fat. Glaze with a water and sugar mixture. Note: You can also frost and decorate with colorful sprinkles, if desired.


1 cup sugar
2 eggs, beaten
1/2 cup sour milk
1 tsp soda
1/2 cup sweet milk
1 tsp baking powder
2 tbsp melted lard or shortening
1 tsp vanilla
pinch of salt

Mix sugar and eggs together. Add sour milk and soda mixed in milk. Add sweet milk and melted lard. And vanilla and flour with salt and baking powder mixed into the flour. Use enough flour to make a dough stiff enough to roll and cut donuts with a donut cutter. Makes 30.

Note: Sour milk is buttermilk; sweet milk is regular milk


Old-Fashion Doughnut Recipes From Grandma's Old Metal Recipe Box

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